Salt can be harmful for the environment, as salts kill plants, ruin soils and is toxic to many species within stream ecosystems.

Sand is often used in place of salt but must be used sparingly as sand clogs storm drains, and destroy the habitat in streams through the increase of sedimentation in the waterways.

There are alternatives to using salts and sand for the homeowner. However all options should be used sparingly to minimize the damage to waterways and the environment.

  1. Bird seed – another traction method and it is biodegradable, or – even better, birds will enjoy eating it in the winter months!
  2. Safe Paw™ – Is not a salt but an amide/glycol mixture that is safe for the environment and is also biodegradable.
  3. Shoveling – Quite effective (but can be back breaking) and is the least damaging to the overall environment.