Waste Water

Whether you discharge wastewaters to a municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) or discharge directly to the surface waters, you may need to obtain a permit or Certificate of Coverage under a general permit prior to discharging. Our cleanWATER Team members have successfully completed permit applications, reporting, monitoring, sampling and/or request for Certificate of Coverage required by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality-Water Bureau, City of Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant, YUCCA, and various local municipal wastewater treatment plants throughout the region. The permit application, reporting, sampling and monitoring requirements vary widely depending on the receiving facility, waterbody and permitting authority.

Our cleanWATER professional staff can provide a full spectrum of services to assist in compliance with both the general provisions and the specific requirements of your NPDES waste water discharge permit.


  • Tracer Dye Investigation

How We Can Assist You

  • Industrial & Waste Water Sampling
  • Sewer Camera and Remote Sensing Line Investigations
  • Industrial & Waste Reporting
  • Industrial & Waste Water Monitoring
  • Industrial Waste Water Permit Applications
  • Industrial & Waste Water Characterization
  • Groundwater Discharge Permitting