Indoor Air Quality Services

Arch Environmental Group’s Indoor Air Quality program steps past the normal investigative aspects of IAQ services and aims to assist our clients with preventive services to minimize the effects of poor indoor air quality and provide a safe, healthy indoor air environment. Arch Environmental Group’s IAQ Consultants can help identify specific problems through general IAQ investigations and air sampling/monitoring or can set up health & safety programs to promote safe, healthy indoor air environments in unique situations, such as during construction in an occupied building. Although governmental regulatory standards do not currently exist, Arch Environmental Group utilizes industry standards as developed by the American Society of Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration (ASHRAE) and guidance documents published by various agencies.

  • Dust Trak

How We Can Assist You

  • General Indoor Air Quality Surveys
  • Sick Building Syndrome & Building Related Illness Investigations
  • Gas, Fume, Particulate, & Odor Monitoring/Analysis
  • Building Envelope & Air Flow Investigations
  • Infrared Investigations & Consulting
  • Infrared Camera Moisture Investigations
  • Pathogenic Bacterial Assessments
  • Mold, Bacteria, Sewage, Allergen, & other Biological Investigations and Sampling (See Mold & Biological Services Page)