Liquid Industrial By-Products Hauling

To complement our menu of hazardous waste services offered at Arch Environmental Group, we provide a long list of services related to liquid industrial by-products (formerly termed “liquid industrial waste”). Arch Environmental Group is certified with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) as a participant of the Alliance for Uniform Hazmat Transportation Procedures and the Uniform Program for Liquid Industrial Waste Transportation. These certifications allow Arch Environmental Group to operate as a liquid industrial by-producut transporter through the Midwest and in other States operating under these Uniform Program procedures.

All Arch Environmental Group hazardous waste drivers possess a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) for Class B materials with a hazardous materials endorsement. All drivers have received required federal DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Training and participate in DOT physicals, background checks, drug and alcohol testing and all have successfully passed initial and annual HAZWOPER training. In addition, our vacuum truck drivers are experienced in all facets of liquid waste clean-up with various truck designs and under numerous project types – from routine to extremely complicated. Below is a short list of our capabilities.

  • Liquid Industrial Waste Hauling

How We Can Assist You

  • Catch Basin/Storm Drain Cleaning
  • Ship Bilge Pump-outs
  • Ship Ballast Water Removal
  • Ship Slop Removal
  • Waste Oils/Oily Wastewater Removal
  • Car Wash Sludge Removal & Cleaning
  • Industrial Sludge Removal & Cleaning
  • Oil-Water Separator Cleaning
  • Trench Drain Cleaning
  • Hoist Pit Pumping and Clean-up
  • AST/UST Pumping & Clean-up
  • Monitoring Well Services
  • Rainwater & Flood Removal
  • Industrial Cleaning & Power Washing
  • Clarifier and Sump Cleaning
  • Drilling Mud Removal
  • Acid Neutralizing Sump Clean-outs
  • Railcar Unloading & Transportation
  • Gas Plant Turnarounds
  • Lift Station Pump-outs
  • Submersible Sump Pump Clean-outs
  • Elevator/Drawbridge Pumping & Cleaning
  • Drum Pump-outs
  • Pond & Lagoon Cleaning
  • Select Dry Product Removal