Spill Response & Mercury Spill Response

Our skilled response teams based in southeast and western Michigan are packed and ready to respond to your environmental emergency. We provide a “service” not a “show” in order to keep your business and your pocketbook safe.

Nobody wants a spill, but spills do occur and the response is critical to the well-being of your business and the safety of both your employees and the environment. Arch Environmental Group’s 24 Hour Emergency Response Team can assist in clean-up and disposal of your property in order to allow you to re-occupy your property in a timely manner. Our CHMM lead response team and HAZMAT trained technicians will bring a level of experience and knowledge that we believe is unmatched in the industry.

Our team of emergency responders is prepared to assist in your hazardous material, petroleum or mercury spill. Each spill and spill situation is different and our team is experienced to assess the spill and take appropriate immediate response action. Our emergency response trailers located in southeast Michigan and western Michigan are packed and ready to respond when you call. These trailers are packed with materials such as booms, skimmers, absorbent pads, neutralizing materials, vacuums, pressure washers and much more. Our fleet of trucks, including vacuum trucks, are prepared to assistant in any situation. Finally, where necessary, AEG will utilize our specialized equipment for mercury clean-ups and will have mercury vacuums and LUMEX mercury monitors available. At a level unparalleled by other emergency spill responders, our team of industrial hygienists in healthAIR are available for any and all specialized sampling, monitoring or health & safety needs at the spill site.

We are available 24 hours by contacting our emergency spill hotline at (248) 522-2821.

  • Glycol Spill Response

How We Can Assist You

  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Post Spill Response Cleanup
  • Emergency Spill Waste Disposal
  • Mercury Release Response
  • Elemental Mercury & Mercury Device Disposal
  • Mercury Contaminated Science/Research Sink Traps Cleaning and Removal
  • Mercury-Containing Flooring Removal