Drinking & Well Water Consulting

When drinking a glass of water, we all expect to be drinking pure, fresh, uncontaminated water. Concerns regarding safe drinking water or offensive drinking water are always prevalent and, in many cases, contributed to the huge bottled water industry. Drinking water supplied throughout the United States by municipal water systems is monitored for many contaminants. The Environmental Protection Agency developed the Primary Drinking Water Act which established limits on the concentration of certain contaminants allowed in the public water supplies. This regulation was written to protect our health and ensure that the water we drink is of good quality. The Primary Drinking Water Act is divided into two categories: the Primary Drinking Water Standards and the Secondary Drinking Water Standards. The Primary standards regulate serious health contaminants (like metals), while the Secondary standards regulate contaminants that cause offensive taste, odor, color, corrosivity, foaming or staining. The following services are offered by the cleanWATER Team to assist in your drinking water issues.

  • Drinking Water Services

How We Can Assist You

  • Drinking Water Sampling
  • Drinking Water Sample Analysis
  • Drinking Water Sample Reporting
  • Well Water Sampling
  • Well Water Sample Analysis
  • Well Water Sample Reporting
  • Periodic Water Sampling & Reporting
  • Sample Analysis Examples: Metals (arsenic, copper, iron, lead, mercury)
  • Sample Analysis Examples: Inorganics (Chloride, Nitrate, hardness, pH)
  • Sample Analysis Examples: Organic (pesticides, herbicides, PCB’s)