Mold & Biological Services

Mold occurs naturally in virtually all environments and mold spores have been recognized to have allergenic properties. Additional research and an increase in our ability to isolate, quantify and identify species of molds (fungi) have given us the additional insight into the relationship between fungi in our environment and the commonly resulting health symptoms. Mold services include the identification, evaluation and control, or elimination of, a mold or moisture source. At this time there are no Threshold Limit Values (TLVs) for any substances of biological origin, therefore sampling for mold is not conducted for the purpose of complying with any federal or state regulations. Biological contaminants (e.g., endotoxin, mycotoxins, allergens, and microbial volatile compounds) are fungal, bacterial, animal or plant substances that can be detected using various sampling media.

  • Mold & Biological Services

How We Can Assist You

  • Comprehensive Mold Investigations
  • Mold Tape-Pull & Air Sampling & Analysis (both Viable & Non-Viable)
  • Mold Remediaton Protocol Plan Development
  • Mold Post-Remediation Verification Testing
  • Moisture Intrusion Analysis
  • Infrared Camera Moisture Investigations
  • Pathogenic Bacterial Assessments
  • Sewage Contamination Investigations
  • Allergen Analysis