Saving Water

According to the Huron River Watershed Council, more than 13% of our electrical energy goes to heat, treat and pump water supplies, and the annual carbon emissions related to our use of water is estimated at 290 million metric tons.  Without a doubt this is a hidden cost to using water that is too often forgotten about.  However, with a few simple techniques and a little effort, you can start toreduce your water usage, reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

The Huron River Watershed Council has outlined a neat top ten tips for saving water.  These tips can be found on their website and a link has been provided below.  A lot of water can be saved by replacing outdated or inefficient household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, shower heads and toilets with newer models that have higher water efficiency ratings. 

By treating the water in your home as a precious resource, you can start to understand the need to protect our water resources from water pollution.  Every small action counts, and by becoming involved and teaching other people to understand the need for cleaner rivers and well maintained stormwater systems.