In an effort to provide hazardous waste consulting, transportation, spill response and waste management services to our large base of educational clients, Arch Environmental Group began the safeEARTH Team in 2004.  At the time, there were mostly large emergency spill, clean-up and transportation firms across the country, but few companies that would provide these services economically to small quantity or single-event generators.  Instead of focusing on large projects or a large quantity of projects, we structured the safeEARTH Team based on our consulting experience and focused on service, quality and cost.  Our CHMM certified and HAZMAT trained staff has been involved in every aspect of hazardous waste management – from simple spills to technical chemical lab packs.  If you are ready for a completely different experience in the handing of your hazardous waste, the safeEARTH Team is for you.

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Our Services

Packaging, transporting and disposal of your Hazardous and Universal Wastes is our specialty.  Additionally, check out our two (2) “AEG Recycling Centers” for solutions to your e-waste disposal needs.   Our certified and experienced drives are more than drivers – they are skilled waste technicians.

Our skilled response teams based in southeast and western Michigan are packed and ready to respond to your environmental emergency.  We provide a “service” not a “show” in order to keep your business, and your pocketbook, safe.

Experience is a must with all chemical lab packs and our Chemical Hazard Materials Managers (CHMM) on staff have conducted some of the most complicated lab packs across the country.  Pack your chemicals with the experience of the safeEARTH Team.

Our safeEARTH Team is prepared to handle your industrial and hazardous waste cleaning project – whether large or small.  Projects such as transformer pad cleaning, elevator shaft leaks, contaminated water and sludge or your unique project can be effectively and efficiently handled for your organization.

Our medical waste services were established as an alternative to the large medical waste firms requiring long, complicated and expensive contracts.  Our medical waste services are simple, easy to understand and built uniquely around your needs.  Additionally, no contracts binding you if you are unhappy.

safeEARTH Team’s vacuum truck services operate statewide and the Team is prepared to handle your liquid industrial by-products.  Our experienced operators are the best in the State and perform at a level above the competition.  Let your routine service needs and your emergencies become ours.