Bridging Your Environmental Needs

Message from Scott P. Staber, CEO

ScottArch Environmental Group has come a long way since we opened for business in 1995.  We are closing in on 21 years of providing quality environmental services throughout Michigan and the Midwest.  We have grown from a staff of two in the basement of my house to a staff of over 30 in three locations providing services throughout Michigan and Illinois.  Our services have expanded from basic industrial hygiene to a dynamic menu of services spanning the environmental consulting, engineering and contracting spectrum.  From our meager beginnings as J. Scott Environmental to our current identity as the Arch Environmental Group, we have set out to “Bridge Your Environmental Needs” by our Teams under our Arch: healthAIR, safeEARTH and cleanWATER work synergistically together to meet your needs.  We look forward to working with you today, tomorrow and for the next 20+ years.  

Arch Environmental Group is a dynamic environmental consulting and waste management firm serving educational, industrial, commercial, health care, and governmental markets throughout the Midwest. We are committed to continuously improve client communication, project efficiency, and regulatory compliance. These objectives will be met without jeopardizing our fundamental core values of safe, compliant and timely completion of our projects.
In this era of environmental awareness, our staff meets the ever-changing challenges of our clients through the continuous education of our staff, high quality service and the application of innovative problem solving.  As we continue to expand, the name Arch Environmental Group, will remain synonymous with exceptional quality in our field.  We will continue to maintain our values and guiding principles, integrity, dedication and work ethic that sets us apart and allows our company to flourish. 
Arch Environmental Group began in 1995 primarily as an asbestos consulting firm, specializing in school district specific work such as: inspections, specification development, project management and air monitoring/analysis. In the years to followArch Environmental Group has diversified to offer all types of environmental services.


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Our Teams

Arch Environmental Group began as a purely industrial hygiene firm in 1995.  AEG provides all facets of asbestos, lead paint and indoor air quality services. In addition to these hygiene basics, AEG conducts specialized IH services such as mold investigations, noise surveys, exposure monitoring, clearance sampling and many other unique needs for safe work and living environments.  Finally, the healthAIR Team provides Health & Safety services such as the development of confined space programs, lock-out/tag-out assistance, respirator programs and hazard communication assistance, to name a few.  Our specialized and experienced staff of environmental consultants, technicians and hygienists are ready to assist you.

Arch Environmental Group began providing basic Universal Waste and Hazardous Waste transportation and disposal services to our core educational clients in 2004.  Since this small beginning, AEG has been expanding our services, staff and knowledge and AEG’s safeEARTH Team has the capability to conduct many technical waste services to many different clients.  With our fleet of waste hauling trucks, vacuum trucks and emergency response trailers, AEG’s CHMM & HAZWOPER professional staff can conduct specialized waste transportation, emergency spill response, lab packs, industrial cleaning and medical waste programs, as well as universal waste handling and recycling services via our two AEG Recycling Centers.

Arch Environmental Group expanded again in 2006 with the establishment of our cleanWATER Team.  To truly be a “full service” environmental consulting firm, AEG added water, geological and environmental engineering services to our service menu.  AEG began this team by offering stormwater, waste water and drinking water consulting, testing and regulatory compliance services and later expanded into other technical areas such as underground storage tanks, spill plan compliance, laboratory safety and environmental site assessments.  AEG’s cleanWATER Team of highly skilled professionals has designed a variety of programs & procedures to assist our clients with regulatory programs, policies and procedures.

Our Locations

DETROIT, Farmington Hills HQ
37720 Interchange Drive
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335
Phone: (248) 426-0165
Fax: (248) 427-0305

GRAND RAPIDS/Cedar Springs Satellite
13353 Whitecreek Avenue, Unit G
Cedar Springs, Michigan 49319
Phone: (616) 930-4116
Fax: (248) 427-0305

CHICAGO/Cary Satellite
336 Inverness Drive
Cary, Illinois 60013
Phone: (847) 462-9687
Fax: (248) 427-0305