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In 1995, Arch Environmental Group began offering basic industrial hygiene services under the name of J. Scott Environmental.  For a ten year period of marketable growth we became recognized throughout the industry as heathAIR or The healthAIR Group.  With our diverse service expansion, we ultimately became the Arch Environmental Group. We have never forgot where we started and we continue to offer industrial hygiene services and other environmental health and safety services.  Most importantly, healthAIR is important in our history and we continue to use healthAIR as our industrial hygiene Team name. From asbestos to lead and from our first day through today, our healthAIR Team is ready to assist you.

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Our Services

Asbestos-containing building materials are a carcinogen and are still present in thousands of structures throughout the United States.  The healthAIR Team is one of the largest and most experienced group of asbestos trained and certified professionals throughout Michigan.

Lead based paint can be a health hazard to everybody and is particularly dangerous to children.  In order to prevent exposure, it is necessary to survey painted surfaces, assess conditions, train contractors and provide proper remediation when needed.

Whether you have a sick building, a building related illness, an unknown neuscience odor or just have concerns about your general indoor air quality, our Team is fully equipped to investigate your concern.

Although not regulated, mold, bacterial and other biological entities within a home or workplace are unwelcome and unhealthy.  Our biological experts can locate and identify these pests and assist you in their elimination.

Our IH services are much deeper than asbestos, lead and mold.  Whether you need specific exposure monitoring, a noise survey or a respirator fit test, our healthAIR hygienists can assist you in accomplishing your specific needs.

Services include confined space, lock-out/tag-out, chemical hygiene, hazard communication, bloodborne pathogens and many other health and safety investigations, program development and training.