Our cleanWATER Team began as a small group of Arch Environmental Group consultants providing stormwater and drinking water services to several clients with specialized needs.  In the past eight years, the Team has developed into a leading force of stormwater consulting services throughout southeast Michigan and now provides a plethora of other engineering and geological environmental services to our clients throughout the State of Michigan.  Our Team of cleanWATER professionals is deep in experience and education, including degreed professionals in environmental engineering, architecture, geology and environmental science.  From rain water to drinking water and from environmental risk to reward, our cleanWATER Team is ready to assist you.

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Stormwater runoff has been an issue since humans began living in concentrated urban settings.  Stormwater management was immediately necessary in regards to public health such as pollution, flooding and other environmental risks.

Wastewater is any water that has been adversely impacted by humans or animals and is typically handled in a wastewater treatment plant for reuse in our environment.  Proper handling and engineering is necessary for the health of our communities.

Safe, clean drinking water is necessary for all living creatures.  Although drinking water is heavily regulated and testing is common, contamination is easy and contamination sources are abound.  Our very existence is dependent on the availability of safe, clean and healthy water.

Petroleum and other tanks are everywhere and there many environmental concerns regarding their proper use, maintenance, closure and removal.  It is imperative to comply with the many regulations governing all types and uses of storage tanks.

Due diligence is necessary for most commercial property transactions in order to limit your liability to past or present property contamination.  Phase I and Phase II ESAs provide you with the protection needed in environmental clean-up litigation.

Our cleanWATER Team casts a wide net and the services include specialty services such as SARA II Reporting, Facility Compliance Audits, RCRA Contingency Planning and many others.  Our experienced staff is prepared for your environmental compliance and/or engineering project.